FIU Women Faculty Leadership Institute

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Venue:CBC Special Events Center

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May 2, 2013, 12-4p.m.
College of Business Complex, MMC
Special Events Center, Rm. 235 (2nd floor, west bldg)

12-1:00pm - Welcome, Dean Joyce Elam, Dr. Mayra Beers and Dr. Suzanna Rose
Networking Lunch - Meet and Greet Your Colleagues

1:00-2:15pm - Emotional Labor - Featured Speaker, Dr. Meredith Newman, followed by a panel and discussion

In this presentation, speakers will discuss the concept of emotional labor, what it is, and its centrality to the service aspects of much of our work, how it is performed on the job (emotive skills) and the coping strategies to avoiding burnout. Emotional labor is the application of emotional intelligence at work. It involves emotional regulation - expression or suppression. It is defined as the management of one’s emotions and the attempt to manage the emotions of others, all for the purposes of doing one’s job effectively. But there are gender differences in how emotions are expressed, how nonverbal communication is received, and how the performance of emotional labor affects women as compared to men.

Dr. Newman is Senior Associate Dean for the College of Arts & Sciences and the co-author (with Mary Guy and Sharon Mastracci) of two award-winning books on the subject: Emotional Labor: Putting the Service in Public Service (2008) and Emotional Labor and Crisis Response: Working on the Razor’s Edge (2012).

2:30-3:45pm Do Babies Matter? Presentation and Discussion

Women are not advancing at the same rate as men to the upper ranks of academe even though women are nearly half of the PhD population. In this session, a presentation will be given concerning the impact on tenure achievement of having babies before tenure. Research indicates that men with babies are significantly more likely than their women counterparts to achieve tenure – a finding that holds across the humanities, social sciences and hard sciences and across large and small universities. The discussion will focus on proposing strategies and policies that can reduce the negative impact on women of having babies during the tenure-earning years.

3:45-4:00pm Wrap Up - Feedback and Evaluation

Sponsored by the School of Integrated Science and Humanity, College of Arts & Sciences, the Center for Leadership, the Mine Ucer Lecture Series and FIU's NSF ADVANCE grant.

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