FIU Women Faculty Leadership Institute

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Venue:CBC Special Events Center

4th Annual FIU Women Faculty Leadership Institute

Tuesday, May 6th, 10am-3:00pm
CBC Special Events Center, Rm. 235

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10:00am-10:30pm Welcome - Dean Joyce Elam, Dr. Mayra Beers, and Dr. Suzanna Rose

10:30am-12:00pm Keynote Address:
A Guide to Navigating the Gendered Leadership Labyrinth in Academia
Professor Stephanie Goodwin, Wright State University

Despite 50+ years of increased participation in the labor force, women remain underrepresented in positions of leadership and power across industrial, political and educational institutions, including institutions of higher education. Why are there still so few women at the top? Social psychological research points to persistent—often unintentional—gender biases that pose barriers for women when it comes to achieving and succeeding in leadership roles. This workshop offers participants a primer of gender biases in the workplace, linking these biases to four common barriers for women. Participants will learn and discuss individual and institutional strategies for navigating the gendered leadership labyrinth to foster personal success and gender equity in leadership roles across the academy.

Dr. Stephanie Goodwin is Research Professor in the Department of Psychology at Wright State University where she conducts federally funded research on factors that influence whether and when people speak up in response to everyday incidents of bias. She also is Program Director for the LEADER Consortium, an NSF ADVANCE initiative supporting the success of women in STEM at four partner institutions in Dayton, Ohio.

12:00-1:00pm Networking Lunch – Meet and Greet Your Colleagues

1:00-2:45pm Panel & Discussion
Risks, Strategies, and Rewards in Planning Your Academic Career
In this presentation, panelists will discuss the risks they have taken and strategies they have used to advance their careers, as well as ways women can work together to promote each other.

Meri Jane Rochelson, Professor, English, Chair & Discussant
Bianca Premo, Associate Professor, History
Aya Chacar, Associate Professor, Management & International Business
Danielle Clealand, Assistant Professor, Politics & International Relations
Purnima Madhivanan, Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Rene Price, Associate Professor, Earth & Environment

2:45-3:00pm Wrap Up - Feedback and Evaluation