LAUNCH: Individualized Mentoring Teams for New Faculty

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Venue:MMC, MARC Pavilion

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LAUNCH committees provide support and guidance to new junior faculty as they begin their careers. Committees meet with the new faculty member from the time of hire until the end of the first year. The committee focuses on essential topics such as lab space, equipment and computing resources, funding, lab personnel, integration into the university, teaching, service and mentoring plans for the pre-tenure review period. Committees are typically composed of the faculty member’s department chair, two senior faculty (one in the person’s field inside the department and one in a related field outside the department), a division of research representative and a STRIDE (ADVANCE) committee member.

Dr. Katherine R. Spindler, is Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Michigan Medical School. She has participated in ADVANCE at the University of Michigan since 2004, and served as a committee convener in the inaugural year, 2012, of the ADVANCE LAUNCH committees. Dr. Spindler also serves on the ADVANCE Advisory Board, a group of UM faculty who provide guidance in the areas of recruitment, retention, departmental climate and leadership.