CAS Faculty Mentor Program holds Summer Planning Workshop

Faculty mentors and mentees enjoyed an end-of-the-semester opportunity to network and share suggestions and tips for summer planning, including how to maintain work-life balance, manage time, stay organized, format your CV, set summer goals, keep a log, and create detailed and realistic plans.

Regarding the discussion on tenure, many faculty elaborated on the importance of finding appropriate letter-writers. One mentee realized it was also more important for her to focus on field research than to apply for a grant over the summer. Faculty mentioned further resources such as the Applicant & Candidate’s Tool distributed at another workshop earlier in the year, and referenced checking the Tenure & Promotion Handbook.

Mentors and mentees in the CAS Faculty Mentor Program were appreciative of the opportunity to network with each other as well as with all the faculty in the workshop. One mentor said “my mentee is well on her way, she’s well-organized and disciplined.” One of the mentees noted “my mentor is very good. He will be my mentor for life!” Another faculty member said “this is most helpful. I wish it had been around when I had to come up for tenure years ago, and I applaud the initiative.”