Tips to Tenure Workshops

This workshop was presented by the College of Arts & Sciences and College of Engineering and Computing Faculty Mentor Program. Two workshops were held, one for each college, and six panelists presided over each of them. 44 faculty participated in these workshops.

The panelists provided faculty with perspectives from a variety of viewpoints, including deans, chairs, senior faculty and recently tenured faculty. The presenters each gave advice on the tenure and promotion process, followed by an interactive question and answer format.

At the CAS workshop, the panel included Meredith Newman (CAS), Tim Collins (BIO), Kelly Rein (CHM), Barry Levitt (PIR), Jaroslava Miksovska (CHM), and Victor Uribe (HIS). And at CEC, the panelists were Amir Mirmiran (CEC), Ranu Jung (BME), Ram Iyengar (SCIS), Malek Adjouadi (ECE), Arvind Argarwal (MME) and Arindam Chowdhury (CEE).

Results from the combined workshop evaluations showed that that faculty agreed the session lived up to their expectations, that the presenters gave useful suggestions, and that they were glad they took the time to participate. A document provided by Dr. Malek Adjouadi, outlining the Tenure and Promotion File (from the Tenure and Promotion Manual - revised 2007) was sent to all participants and is available under the Tips to Tenure page (see Workshops 2012-13).

Faculty responded that they learned "the importance of external letters," "planning tenure application well ahead of time" and getting "to know your program officers at the funding agencies." Suggestions for future workshops included having "different workshops for the humanities and social sciences," and giving the panelists more time to speak" (the six panelists at each college had 10 minutes each).

Overall, faculty found the Tips to Tenure workshops to be "very useful," and that "the speakers were excellent and clear - they had a sense of humor and empathy for others." One assistant professor noted "I'm very glad we have these (workshops); it allows me to see what is coming up ahead and what resources FIU has for me, such as mentors." "Very informative and helpful, I learned a lot from the workshop."