Faculty in Mentor Program recognized as 2014 Top Scholars

Congratulations to Suzanna Rose who is the Faculty Mentor Program Director for being recognized as an FIU Top Scholar. Congratulations as well to Laurie Shrage (mentor) and Yuan Liu (mentee), who were also recognized.


Laurie Shrage, Womens Studies, received the Laurance S.Rockefeller Fellowship. Established Faculty with Significant New Funding

Suzanna Rose, Psychology, has sustained funding (2.9M cumulative to date, 764K in 2012-13), with 382K new money from the Children's trust and 207K from NSF (ADVANCE grant) in 2013.

Young Faculty with Significant Funding

Yuan Liu, Chemistry, has been awarded an NIH/R01 as assistant professor, $1.6M/5 yrs.