2011-12 Workshops

A variety of Faculty Mentor Program workshops and events were held over the course of the 2011-12 academic year to assist mentor pairs in achieving a successful relationship. Mentees (new assistant professors) were matched with mentors (established associate or full professors) from different departments who shared research interests or disciplinary demands.

Two beginning-of-year Orientation Sessions were held in September 2011 to allow mentors and mentees time to discuss and set goals for the mentor program, exchange CVs and review best practices in faculty mentoring. Throughout the 2011-12 year, a variety of workshops were provided: Preparing for the 3rd Year Review, Tips for Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Journals, Summer Planning, Assertive Communication, and a performance on Faculty Advising Faculty. (See sidebar menu for individual workshop narratives and evaluation results).

In addition, networking lunches were provided at all events to facilitate discussion for mentors and mentees - with each other and with other faculty. Mentor pairs also met independently at least once per semester.