Summer Planning

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Summer Planning Handout for Faculty
Inside Higher Ed – Article on Summer Planning

Detailed Evaluation Results for Summer Planning: Pathways & Pitfalls (April 24, 2013)

20 faculty completed evaluations out of 24 total participants(16 women, 8 men).

Questions & Responses

The Summer Planning workshop to discuss "pathways and pitfalls" lived up to my expectations.
N=20 Mean=4.65 SD=0.49 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

The session allowed me to get or give useful suggestions towards making progress.
N=20 Mean= 4.95 SD=0.22 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

I am glad I took the time to participate in this workshop.
N=20 Mean=4.85 SD=0.37 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

The session assisted me in anticipating any roadblocks or obstacles, and ways to respond this summer.
N=20 Mean=4.63 SD=0.60 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

Questions & Answers:

Please give an example of at least one thing you learned and will definitely take from the Summer Planning session and Networking Lunch to use in the summer months. (open-ended)

  • Many of us have the same struggles!
  • Remember that the summer is only about 12 weeks.
  • I met some great colleagues and I identified subtasks for my summer goals.
  • Carve out writing time and set days in which I am available to meet with my students.
  • To break goals down.
  • Thinking about my summer as a certain limited number of days and planning backward based on time limits.
  • There is a statistical consulting office.
  • Breaking down tasks into discrete pieces is essential to accomplish specific goals.
  • I had a chance for focused discussion with mentee.
  • Important to take care of oneself and recharge batteries in order to continue working at best level.

Is there anything that could have been improved about this workshop?

  • I think bringing in more studies.
  • Planning each of the four goals - but it was great.
  • More whole group interaction.
  • More discussion of different time-planning strategies (concurrent tasks, sequential tasks, etc.).
  • More mentors and I think we need to know all of the FIU resources available to us, like statistical consulting.
  • Probably better to have workshop after exam week.

General Comments about the overall workshop?

  • Very helpful and good tips.
  • Very good workshop and very helpful.
  • Very useful.
  • Excellent! The person I was paired with provided so much great advice about setting boundaries with my students and caring about my own time.
  • Great opportunity to interact across programs, departments, and colleges.
  • Well organized.
  • I continue to applaud the effort to push forward a formal mentoring program at FIU and think its interdisciplinary format is a plus.
  • Excellent spectrum of advice from a variety of colleagues in different departments and schools.