2014 Federal Funding Environment for Science Research

Detailed Evaluation Results for 2014 Science Federal Funding Environment, Olsen

45 of the 54 faculty that attended completed evaluations.

The presenter, Kathie Olsen focused on grant-writing skills and grantsmanship knowledge needed to prepare better grant applications. Dr. Olsen is founder and managing director for ScienceWorks. She was also former deputy director and chief operating director for the National Science Foundation.

Some practical tips that faculty learned included "swallowing the fear to contact the program officer" and "different methods of review in different agencies." One participant also mentioned that because of this workshop they "will participate in reviewing NSF proposals and participate in review panels."

Faculty attending the workshop gave very favorable reviews overall noting in the surveys that it was "very helpful and informative." The workshop provided essential information to help with the success of grant proposals. Some workshops that the faculty would like to see in the future are workshops on "Career Proposals," "Developing the '2 pager'," and "private money grants."

Questions & Responses

The overview of the federal research funding environment was informative.
N=45 Mean=4.76 SD=0.68 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

learned information at this workshop that will impact my grant-seeking and grant-writing activities.
N=45 Mean=4.62 SD=0.83 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

As a result of this workshop, I am more knowledgeable about NSF's funding priorities, programs, and activities.
N=45 Mean=4.62 SD=0.81 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

I am glad I took the time to participate in this presentation.
N=45 Mean=4.80 SD=0.67 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

Questions & Answers:

Please give a specific example of at least one thing you learned and will definitely take from the Kathie Olsen workshop, 2014 Federal Funding Environment for Science Research, to use in your work.

  • Applying for T32 from NIH.
  • The relevance of contacting the program office.
  • Talk (more!) to the program officer.
  • Put broader impact in budget Wont cut students from budget.
  • Various NSF programs I was unfamiliar with before.
  • Will participate in reviewing NSF proposals and participate in review panels.
  • Reinforcement of knowledge and broadening scope.
  • Format for submitting grand and guidelines.
  • Talk to the program officer Read the solicitation.
  • Swallow the fear and contact the program officer.
  • The relevance of contacting the program officer.
  • Contract project officers.
  • Different NSF programs I am not aware of. - Call the PM!
  • Different methods of review in different agencies.
  • Contact your programs officer and collaborate with him/her.

Is there anything that could have been improved about this workshop?

  • No, it was great.
  • Would like to know more about specific NSF programs.
  • No, It was excellent but now real new info for me (I'm senior faculty).
  • More specific writing tips would be nice.
  • Separate workshops on specific agencies.
  • More time due to the broad topics discussed.
  • Yes, the delivery, very rapid, same tone of voice, after 2 and a half hours weaving. Sometimes so rapid is not easily understood towards the end.
  • No, she was so open it was fantastic.
  • Distribute powerpoint presentation before the workshop.
  • Handouts.
  • Maybe tailoring parts to different types of fields.
  • Would have budgeted 2 hours instead of 3.

General Comments about the overall workshop?

  • Opportunities for graduate students, opportunities for more discussion and interaction about investigator's research.
  • The information was not new to be, but it was presented in a way pragmative and engaging manner. Dr. Olsen's talk was excellent! Invite her back for more.
  • Very helpful and informative. Can DOR hold a followup hands-on workshop where we develop the "2 pager"?
  • Speaker needed to break group 1/2 way through for short period.
  • Brutally honest, very refreshing.
  • Superb!
  • Very good!
  • Not about this one. I wonder if you could bring in someone to talk about private money grants.
  • Excellent! Thank you very much!
  • Please have a workshop specifically for Career Proposal
  • Wonderful.
  • Great, valuable info.