Implications of Latino Aging for Medical Care and Social Service Delivery Systems

Detailed Results for Implications of Latino Aging for Medical Care and Social Service Delivery Systems with William Vega

14 of the 22 faculty that attended completed evaluations.

William Vega, an elected member of the Institute of Medicine, has conducted community and clinical research projects on health, mental health and substance abuse throughout the United States and Latin America. His specialty is multi-cultural epidemiologic and services research with adolescents and adults - work that has been funded by multiple public and private sources. He has published more than 190 articles and chapters, in addition to several books. In 2006, the ISI Web of Science listed him in the top half of one percent of the most highly cited researchers worldwide in social science literature over the past 20 years. He is the recipient of many awards including the Community, Culture and Prevention Science Award from the Society for Prevention Research, the Award of Excellence in Research by a Senior Scientist from the National Hispanic Science Network, and most recently in 2013, the Rema Lapouse Award from the Mental Health, Epidemiology, and Statistics Sections of the American Public Health Association.

Some practical tips that faculty learned from Dr. Vega included the relationships between "health and income" and "social determinates and health." The participants also are now aware of "Latino aging issues" and the "IOM model."

Faculty attending the workshop enjoyed the information that Sergio Vega presented. They even mentioned that they would have liked a larger room because there was so much interest in the topic. One faculty mentioned that the lecture was very "thought provoking."

Questions & Responses

This session lived up to my expectations.
N=14 Mean=5.00 SD=0.00 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

I increased my knowledge of the cultural implications of providing medical and social services for aging Latinos.
N=14 Mean=4.71 SD=0.61 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

I am glad I took the time to participate in this session.
N=14 Mean=4.93 SD=0.27 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

Questions & Answers:

Give an example of at least one thing you learned from this workshop and will take to use in your work.

  • IOM model
  • The relationship between health and income.
  • The large number of elders in the US by 2030.
  • The number of Latino‚Äôs referring.
  • Social determinates and health.
  • Latino aging issues.
  • Systems are seen to change.

Is there anything that could have been improved about this session?

  • More seats.
  • None.
  • Better integrative with policy fields.
  • More samples of what is programmatic and possible.
  • No.

General Comments about the overall workshop?

  • Very well done.
  • Good information. The room configuration was off, not enough seating.
  • None.
  • Very good.
  • Thought provoking.