Summer Planning & Networking Lunch


Detailed Evaluation Results for Summer Planning Workshop

(22 of the 32 faculty that attended completed evaluations)

On communicating with their mentors and mentees, results from the post-workshop evaluations revealed that many of the 32 faculty in attendance gained a variety of concrete skills and tips to use. Skills and tips for summer planning included timing and scheduling, being organized, setting goals, setting aside time for one's self and vacation, and maximizing time with a work-life balance.

Faculty were appreciative of the opportunity to network with their mentors and mentees as well as other faculty from various departments. One participant said “It was so nice to make personal contacts. Now when I see these folks in the DM elevator, it will be so much more meaningful.” Several faculty noted that they would like more events like this with discussion time to interact with faculty members from other departments that they typically do not interact with.

Some tips that the faculty learned was the importance of planning and work-life balance. One participant mentioned that you need to "plan your summer in a realistic way, leave some time for yourself to relax." Another participant noted that they learned the "summer is shorter than we think, it's better to under-schedule."

For future presentations, mentor pairs asked to have more time for discussions with their mentors or mentees. One faculty member said that it would be helpful to have a workshop where mentors and mentees can discuss tenure.

Questions & Responses

The Summer Planning workshop to discuss best options and pitfalls to avoid lived up to my expectations.
N=22 Mean=4.77 SD=0.43 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

The session allowed me to get or give useful guidance and suggestions towards making progress.
N=22 Mean=4.82 SD=0.39 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

I am glad I took the time to participate in this workshop.
N=22 Mean=4.82 SD=0.39 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

The session assisted me in anticipating any roadblocks or obstacles, and ways to respond this summer.
N=22 Mean=4.86 SD=0.35 Range= 1 (strongly disagree)- 5 (strongly agree)

Questions & Answers:

What was the most significant thing you learned and will take away from the Summer Planning workshop (and Networking Lunch) to use in the summer months?

  • Advice on preparing the tenure file.
  • Plan your summer in a realistic way, leave some time for yourself to relax.
  • STEM Institute may have resources for flipping classroom.
  • Summer is shorter than we think - it's better to under-schedule.
  • Set personal and family goals.
  • Just time to discuss and plan.
  • Helpful opportunities to help mentor and summer.
  • Important of time management.
  • To be organized and finish the job within its reasonable time.
  • That i need to take time for me too, to best be productive.
  • Tenure files are difficult to upload.
  • The summer is short need to plan well to optimize the time.
  • It was strongly emphasized that we should have “mommy” time.
  • Better plan - including calendar! for the summer.
  • Breaking down tasks into number of work days.

Is there anything that could have been improved about this workshop?

  • No – the flow was good. Time for thinking was nice.
  • N/A
  • Less time.
  • Nothing - it was great and thanks for lunch!
  • More interactions among mentor and mentees.
  • Maybe include a specific time for mentors to share "tips" on the tenure file. (for those who are going up for tenure).
  • I liked it!

General Comments about the overall workshop?

  • Excellent workshop. -Great! So helpful! -Very well organized. Guided discussions, but gave us ample free time to really discuss what was most important. -N/A -Overall helpful. -Leaders were excellent. -This was a positive and useful workshop. -It was sooo nice to make personal contacts. Now when I see these folks in the DM elevator, it will be so much more meaningful. Now, I am a conscious planner. -Great. -It was excellent. -I like to exchange views and information with colleagues in a relaxed environment. Great.

What might you do differently as a result of this workshop?

  • Schedule last less!
  • Scale back my plan!
  • Make more free time on my weekends.
  • May be only necessary to be an hour.
  • Try to break tasks down one step at a time.
  • Prioritize goals and do some one at a time.
  • Reserve weekends for myself (This will be hard!)That I am not alone in my goals and challenges and in seeking balance.
  • Spend all summer on my tenure file.
  • Plan and organize better.
  • Take care of myself!
  • Take more care of myself while working on professional goals.
  • Map out summer schedule.