Funding for the Arts: Insights from Inside the Knight Foundation


Detailed Evaluation Results from Funding for the Arts: Insights from Inside the Knight Foundation, with VP of the Arts, Victoria Rogers

21 faculty (13 women & 7 men) 11 attendees completed evaluations out of the 21 total participants.

Questions & Responses

The Knight Foundation workshop lived up to my expectations.

N=11 Mean=4.91 SD=.30- 1 (strongly disagree) 5 (strongly agree)

I gained insight and understanding on the priorities of the Knight Foundation for the Humanities, Arts, or related disciplines.

N=11 Mean=5.0 SD=0- 1 (strongly disagree) 5 (strongly agree)

I am glad I took the time to participate in this session.

N=11 Mean=4.82 SD=.40 - 1 (strongly disagree) 5 (strongly agree)


Please give an example of at least one thing you learned from this workshop.

• All funding takes into consideration the way it represents the community as well as the community's needs.
• The primacy of presenting ideas that are community driven and not just imposed on the communities.
• Clarity on goals and processes.
• Access, equity, & new funding models are of interest.
• How to present our grant.
• Think outside the walls of our institution.
• I received clarity on how to apply to the Arts Challenge and how the match worked.
• 150 words in the initial proposal.

Is there anything that could have been improved about this workshop?

  • Handouts would have been helpful.
  • Examples of funded grants could have been available.

General Comments about this workshop?

  • Great workshop! Loved Victoria Rogers' style!
  • I would be interested in more workshops. Excellent!
  • Great! Thank you!
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