Grant Writing in the Humanities: From Individual Research to Institutional Programs

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This workshop consisted of brief presentations and success stories by four FIU faculty members who have been PIs on recent NEH grants. Each presenter shared tips and strategies for successfully writing grants to the main funder of Humanities research and programming.

Moderator: Rebecca Friedman, Faculty Fellow, Office of the Provost and Associate Professor of History

Steve Heine, Director of Asian Studies & Professor of Religious Studies and History
April Merleaux, Assistant Professor of History
Renee Silverman, Associate Professor of Modern Languages

Faculty Mentor Program co-sponsored by the College of Arts, Sciences & Education, School of Integrated Science and Humanity, and in partnership with the Office of Research and Economic Development.


Detailed Evaluation Results for NEH Grant Writing Workshop

24 faculty (15 women, 3 men, 6 unknown) completed evaluations out of the 34 total participants.

Questions & Responses

The Humanities workshop lived up to my expectations.

N=24 Mean=4.46 SD=0.93 - 1 (strongly disagree) 5 (strongly agree)

I gained clear tips and strategies on grant writing for the Humanities

N=24 Mean=4.42 SD=0.93 - 1 (strongly disagree) 5 (strongly agree)

I am glad I took the time to participate in this session

N=24 Mean=4.46 SD=1.02 - 1 (strongly disagree) 5 (strongly agree)

Please give an example of at least one thing you learned from this workshop and will use in your future grant writing.

  • I learned about DOE opportunities that fit better with my goals.
  • The need to develop relationships with Pre-award staff in ORED to assist with the budget.
  • Solicit feedback from the program officer as much as possible. After the fact, request the reports from panel.
  • To review samples.
  • The different projects that are supported by NEH (individual, research, summer institute, etc.)
  • To get frequent feedback from the program officer.
  • All the different types of grants available.
  • The grant writing process takes time and it does make sense to apply and re-apply because the acceptance rates are very low.
  • I have applied to the NEH before and I really appreciated the reminder and the clarification on how the humanities are defined and can be advanced through my project.
  • Each presenter gave detailed info about a different aspect of the process and different funding opportunities.
  • The nuances of writing with NEH as a target audience.
  • That research fellowships through NEH allow for a draft writing process for faculty from Hispanic serving institutions.
  • I learned more about the specific points readers want to see when considering a particular application.
  • I was not familiar with NEH grants at all before this workshop.
  • Summer Institute opportunities. How the university pays the difference between the fellowship and salary (top-off).

Is there anything that could have been improved about this workshop?

  • No
  • Provide more strategies and tips from the perspective of awardees.
  • I couldn't see the material. I was too far away from the PowerPoint. It would be appreciated if a hard copy of the presentation was provided.
  • A handout with short summaries of the projects that were funded could have been provided. Also, a handout with tips and a to-do list for the NEH with contact information and panel members for the application.
  • Larger room because it was hard to see the presenters.
  • Not an improvement - I am just left wondering about the exact definition of Humanities that NEH is willing to accept. Perhaps an in-depth discussion of this point is warranted - maybe with clarification from NEH.
  • Larger screen or more interactive presentation. Possibly laptops to log-in with instant access to the PowerPoint.
  • More organization would be great. Also, I wish that I had a booklet outlining fundamental points.

General Comments about this workshop

  • Can you present your work as producing research that could be used in the classroom?
  • Great! Very specific.
  • Terrific!
  • I liked it!
  • Thanks for doing this!
  • It was great!
  • Very well done!
  • I did not receive notice of this workshop but it very much applies to my research interests even though others might not know that by my department categorization.
  • More please!
  • Thanks
  • Very good.