Faculty Mentor Program Orientation

  1. Faculty Mentor Program Packet 2017-2018
  2. FMP Orientation Worksheets
  3. Nature’s Guide for Mentors

3rd Year Review

  1. Notes from 2013 3rd Year & Journal Publishing Workshops
  2. Third Year Review Process for T&P Applicants
  3. 2015 Third Year Review Schedule

Articles on Faculty Mentoring

  1. Academic mentoring—how to give it and how to get it. JAMA. 2007
  2. Giving and Getting Career Advice: A Guide for Junior and Senior Faculty
  3. Mentorship: A Critical Component for Professional Growth and Academic Success. Journal of Dental Education. 2004

Faculty Mentor Program Orientation

  1. Faculty Mentor Program Packet 2016-17
  2. Academic Mentoring - How to Give It and How to Get It

NSF Program Director Workshop

  1. Rajakkannu Mutharasan Presentation

Summer Planning

  1. 12-Week Calendar for Planning Article Writing Schedule
  2. 4-Month Summer Calendar 2016
  3. "Design Thinking" for a Better You
  4. Summer Planning Handout 2016

Tenure as Condition of Employment Guidelines

  1. TACOE guidelines
  2. Faculty Handbook
  3. New Faculty Resources

Tips to Tenure

  1. eFAR - Faculty Activity Reporting and Evaluation System
  2. Provost Office - Planning & Finance
  3. Request for External Evaluation Letter Template
  4. Tenure and Promotion Manual
  5. Tenure and Promotion Curriculum Vitae Template
  6. Tenure and Promotion Forms
  7. 2015-2016 Tenure and Promotion Schedule

DOR Guidelines for Proposal Submissions

1. Some funders limit the number of applications that may be submitted by an institution. When this happens, DOR may impose an internal competition with an advanced due date. To find out if this is the case for your proposal, please check this link: http:/research.fiu.edufunding/pages/limited-submissions.html

2. Research Center and collaborative projects that include subcontracts/subawards are required to be submitted to DOR (in complete form with signed and fully routed ePRAFs) at least 8 business days prior to the submission deadline. Other faculty proposals must be received by DOR at least 5 business days prior to the sponsor deadline. This link http:/policies.fiu.edurecord_profile.php?id=267&s=Research provides details on that policy.

3. External Review Resources are available! DOR has implemented an external review grant service so support the review of a select number of applications prior to submission. Please click on this link for eligibility criteria: http:/research.fiu.edudor/documents/external-grant-review-service.pdf Please note that to benefit you must start early and submit your full proposal to DOR at least 6 weeks prior to the sponsor’s deadline.

4. The Research Development Unit of DOR maintains up to date information on sponsor funding announcements, internal funding opportunities, and a collection of successful proposals. Please click on this link to browse their pages: http:/research.fiu.edudor/pages/ord.html

Websites on Faculty Mentoring from Other Universities

  1. UCLA Faculty Advising
  2. UCSF Faculty Mentoring
  3. {a:University of Michigan Faculty Mentoring
  4. MIT Faculty Mentoring

To see photos from various mentor workshops and events, please view our albums at SISH Facebook or look on the Workshops Tab for specific workshops and photos. Thank you!